Membership in the International Submariners Association/USA is open to all qualified submariners or anyone who is interested in the advancement of submarines.
Life membership $50.00 (US)


The "International Submariners Association" (ISA) is an amalgamation of individual, national Submariners Associations without any specific organizational structure, bylaws or further configuration. It is our mutual experiences as Submariners that connects us.
ISA is a fellowship between the Submariners Associations of at least 28 different participating nations. ISA is the global community of active and former submariners, which holds a Convention or Congress yearly in different members home country.

Our Creed

The purpose of this organization is to perpetuate the memory of those shipmates who have lost their lives in submarines, to further promote and keep alive the spirit and unity that existed among submarine crewmen, to promote sociability, general welfare and good fellowship among its members, and to pledge loyalty and patriotism to our flag and country.

International Submariners Association of The United States of America


Founded in 1987